What to expect

In an effort to ensure all of our brides receive the most personal attention we work by appointment only. Semi-private bridal appointments in our petite boutique last for one and a half hours.  Your appointment will secure for you a fitting room and bridal stylist. In order to make the most of your appointment and to comfortably accommodate your party we ask that you bring no more that four guests. Bring only those who will support you in making your decision to your first appointment.

You've booked your appointment, now what?

Tell us everything!  We want to hear all about your wedding, vision and personal style so that we can help you select gowns to try.  You will have plenty of time to try on the gowns you've selected, and to re-try your favorites.  In order to keep things moving we ask that you only take pictures of yourself in the gowns you decide to re-try.  If you don't love it enough to try it back on then you don't need a picture.  Once you've made your choice we will pop the bubbly and raise a glass to you! Cheers!